Angelique Hannenberg, a talented artist who expresses her passion and emotions in her striking and powerful paintings. Her artwork is a celebration of the deep emotions, purity, strength, and vulnerability of women. She knows how to capture these feelings in her work and present them with an unmistakable flair for color and texture.
What makes Angelique Hannenberg's artwork so unique are the bright neon colors she uses. Her paintings are like a burst of vibrancy and energy, making an immediate visual impact. She combines different techniques in her work, such as sketching with charcoal, applying acrylic paint with a knife, adding glitter and gold paste for a sparkling effect, and drawing clean lines that capture the viewer's attention.
Angelique has exhibited her art in the Netherlands and Italy, where she has gained admiration for her unique style and expressive paintings. She sells her artwork both online and from her studio, giving enthusiasts of her work around the world the opportunity to own a piece of her creative vision.
Her art evokes a feeling of strength and inspiration, and at the same time it shows the vulnerable and beautiful side of human existence. Angelique Hannenberg is an artist who leaves a deep impression with her expressive works of art and reminds us of the beautiful complexity of emotions and the power of color and creativity in the art world. Her work is a celebration of life and an invitation to immerse yourself in the rich world of emotion and art.

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